Gluten Free

We Know our Grains!

We take Gluten Free seriously at The Cake Cabinet. With one member of our Cake Cabinet family a coeliac and another having chosen a long term gluten free diet, we understand what Gluten Free actually means and the importance of ensuring that any gluten free cake we make for you is gluten free. All our cakes are baked from scratch in a gluten free kitchen. All ready-made products we might use such as fondants, petal dusts, colours, etc are thoroughly researched to ensure they are free of gluten and the by-products of grains that contain gluten. The only decorations we occasionally use that do contain gluten are dragees (also known as cachous which are small sugary spheres encapsulated in a layer of silver leaf) which can easily be removed should you choose to have them on your cake.

But how will it taste?Despite common experience and opinion, gluten free cakes can be as delicious, as delectable, as deliriously divine as those that do contain gluten. We judge by what our (wheat eating) customers tell us and that is that they wouldn't have been able to tell the difference. If you need to find out for yourself feel free to arrange an appointment for a tasting (see the
Contacts, Orders & Pricing page).

We are also more than happy to accommodate requests for dairy, egg or nut free cakes.

If you have any questions please ask! All our contact info can be found via the
Contacts, Orders & Pricing page.